True Romance

True Romance

Susanne A Marack personifies a new generation of Porsche passionate women who are as cool as a vintage 911

Porsche maybe a man’s world in the main, however passion is universal, so it’s no surprise that more and more women are becoming inspired by the marque’s rich heritage.


That said, Munich-based Susanne A Marack didn’t really have an option either way. Having already visited the hallowed ground of Gmünd in Austria (where the first Porsche’s were cobbled together) with her grandparents aged four, she also grew up wandering through her father's car dealership down the road.

“My earliest actual brand memory was seeing how the first 356 models were hand built, as part of the exhibition at the Porsche Museum in Gmünd. It was truly fascinating how the engineers hammer-formed the vehicle from aluminium sheets.”


Thirty years on, Susanne visits the museum several times a year, sharing racetrack memories with the Pfeifhofer family, who own the museum. What also marks Susanne out is her achingly beautiful and rare Werksturbolook (Werks Turbo Look) Carrrera 3.2, finished in black with black trim.

“When you grow up in a car dealership you also get to have a crazy toy car collection. I remember the 930 pull-back and go toy car being one of my favourites!”

What also steered Susanne’s buying decision was the era it was born in.


“The 1970s and 1980s are my favourite period for sure! Not only in terms of the sportier direction taken in terms of engineering and design, all proven by Porsche's success in racing, but also the direction the 911 took with its new trim levels, colour schemes and iconic drive settings. Put simply, it became sexy!”

“Plus, the ‘widebody’ versions were introduced, with the launch of the ST in 1970. Put all that together and it makes the 911 a hot ride!”

Besides her personal ride from that period, Susanne also has a few other favourites. “The Carrera RS, RSR 2.7 / 2.8, the 930 in any version and the SC/ Carrera.”

“I’ve already started saving up to add a second air-cooled 911 to my collection. The life goal would be to build a Targa Florio RSR.”


Such is the depth of feeling for Porsche culture, combined with being in the minority of enthusiasts, Susanne has been proactive in supporting Laurina Esposito's ‘Women in Porsche’ community when they formed the German chapter.

In Esposito’s’s words, the group is dedicated to sharing the stories of the women around the world who love, build, drive or simply admire Porsche.

“We saw how few Porsche girls are actually out there. In fact, only recently we organised a 911 meet. There were a lot of ladies, yet only one with her own 911, the others occupied passenger seats. However, for me, the gender of other enthusiasts is irrelevant, as long as they are authentic and fun to hang out with.”


That said, Susanne does get asked about the ownership rights of her Carrera 3.2 from time to time, and politely explains that, yes, it is hers, “But actually, it's even worse when I'm driving my Dodge Charger (Susanne has seven other cars, including a 2004 GT3 Cup)!”

Yet there’s little time for reflection on such matters when there’s still so much open road to be conquered.

“Spending time with the 911 makes me happy and I'm very thankful to be able to spend my life with what I'm most passionate about. Porsche is the most iconic sports car brand and one of the most interesting success stories in terms of business.”

“I've been an automotive enthusiast since day one and Porsche has always been part of my journey.”

Images by Joey Muccrunch and John Unseld

Style's 'Drive Five'

Most memorable road trip?
I don't really do weekend road trips or plan routes too much to be honest. Most trips are inspired by a ‘get out and drive’ mood after work or simply when I want to relax on the weekend.

Favourite driving route?
With the 911 it's mainly the awesome roads all around Munich in Upper Bavaria. I think my average road trip stretch is somewhere between 100 and 180 km per drive. If I have the time, I especially enjoy driving two or three of my cars the same day, instead of a longer road trip with just one.

Ultimate Road Trip
Besides the Upper Bavarian countryside roads, I love the Eifel area around Nürburgring. Actually, it's very similar to the streets I drive at home, many hills, quite curvy.

Porsche of choice?
My Carrera 3.2 of course!

Ultimate driving partner?
Talking about Eifel roads, I would love to go for a ride with former Porsche driver Willi Kauhsen in my 911 - not only to learn from him but also to listen to his awesome stories from the history of Porsche racing and engineering.
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