The Driven Ultimatum

The Driven Ultimatum

As Style for Miles continues its pursuit of the ultimate Porsche driving route, we spoke to one company who just may have found the formula - the clue’s in the name

With so many many roads and opinions out there, Style for Miles  can only act as messenger on this hot topic, speaking to those in the know who’ve been there and driven that.

In our latest update we speak to Mark Heather, self-confessed petrol head and founder of Ultimate Drives, a company that offers a plethora of immersive driving experiences across the finest roads in Europe. And what's more, they have a spiffy App with over 70 of their favourite European driving roads to chose from!

Ultimate Drives’ philosophy isTo share our passion for great driving roads – since 2010, we have been driving and enjoying all of the greatest driving roads across Europe.

So whenever we put together a driving itinerary, it’s all about the great roads, combined of course with great sights, food and experiences along the way

A driving route is great because…it puts a smile on your face! Every time you turn the next corner the road can open up and present you with a panorama that you may only see once in your life.

The key to driving pleasure on a road trip is…comfortable shoes!

If you’re going to pack one thing, make it...the sunglasses every time!

Style's Drive Five

What’s your favourite driving/route road?
The Offen Pass, through the Swiss National Park to Italy – you still can't beat the Alps for the pure beauty

What’s your most memorable road trip?
Zurich to Monte Carlo in 2018, in particular the run through the vineyards of Piedmont.

What’s your dream/yet to be taken road trip (anywhere in the world)?
See question 1!

Porsche of choice for the trip?
GT3, 991.2 – the regular version is just right performance wise – the RS is just a little too hardcore for more than a couple of days behind the wheel  – failing that, a 911 GTS would work a treat

Who would be your dream driving partner (dead or alive)?
Andy Murray - the Scot’s dry sense of humour on a road trip would go a long way, and I hear he’s a but of a petrolhead too.


The key to planning a great road trip make sure you keep the drive time to around 4 to 4,5 hours.

Of course you want to be experience great drives, but at the same time, you need to allow yourself time to stop, take in a region, enjoy some local cuisine, and even perhaps make a short hike for some incredible shots of the surrounding areas.


The Ultimate App

Ultimate Drives’ Greatest Driving Roads App contains 70+ of the bestest driving routes in Europe. In fact, Ultimate Drives claims all roads in the App have been researched and driven by the Ultimate team over the last eight years. In other words real roads and reviews based on the team;s real driving experiences across Europe.

Locate Roads
Scroll through our full database of roads, sorted by proximity to yourself, or switch to a map view where you can drill down to the detail of each individual road – mark roads you have driven, mark your favourites.

Review the Details
Scroll through Ultimate’s database of roads, sorted by proximity, or enjoy a map view where you can drill down to the detail of each individual road – mark roads you have driven, mark your favourites.

Looking for inspiration, such as a decent road close by to a motor museum or race track? Ultimate’s search facility offers plenty of different criteria, including by country, road type, and most uniquely, by points of interest.

Search 'Ultimate Drives' in the App Store or Google Play