Message in the Throttle - Part 3

Message in the Throttle - Part 3

Style for Miles continues its exploration of Porsche’s iconic advertising, this time it’s 1980 - 1992

Ahh the 80s. A time when society unabashedly embraced technology and excess, sometimes at the same time. And it was a particularly productive period for Porsche.

Sales peaked in America and worldwide at 30,000 and 55,000 respectively, before the party ended and sales plunged off a cliff in the early 1990s.

And being the 80s the company’s advertising pitch also changed tact, then changed again. The nature of driving a Porsche is examined in depth, aiming to engage and inspire, but the effect was counter-productive. Many customers thought that the long, emotional texts were not appropriate.


As of 1984, it becomes short, concise, trenchant, relying more on the well earned reputation and emotional passion associated with the brand.