Digitally Enhanced

Digitally Enhanced

Creator of striking Porsche digital designs, Glen Cordle’s involvement in the Viceroy 914 project will see the model reach new heights

Being a Porsche enthusiast can inspire in numerous ways, such is the level of magnificence the marque exudes. For car obsessed Glen Cordle it means creating unique, arresting images that combine his passions for Porsche and creative design with 3D modelling.

Already garnering renown via his creative work for ‘000’ (Triple Zero) magazine, 914 owner Glen is now turning his attention to taking the model in dynamic directions, via the Viceroy Project.

Initially a Volkswagen aficionado growing up, the switch to Stuttgart came in part via recognition of his creative ability.


“In 2010 I entered a writing contest sponsored by Porsche to celebrate 60 years in America. I won, along with two other entires, and was awarded a trip to the Porsche Sport Driving School in Birmingham Alabama. It was a 2 day course that put us in all of the then-current Porsches including the Carrera S, Cayman S, Boxster Spyder, Panamera etc.

"The cherry on top was winning the drawing at the end of the course to do a ride-along in the brand new 997 GT2RS. This was the first one imported for press use. I was able to bring a friend for the trip, a fellow VW fan and car nut Kris Clewell. I like to think that this trip was the kick in the pants we both needed to get into Porsches of our own, but really it was a culmination of several factors.”


Glen’s passion for design was also present in those formative years. “When I was growing up my dream job was to design cars. I was always drawing cars and going to car shows with my parents. I also just liked mechanical things, taking apart the toaster when I was a kid and almost getting it back together correctly. I was drawn to mechanical design because I had some talent at it."

"College was an easier pill to swallow when it was for a trade like a mechanical designer/draftsman, the automotive design schools were'nt something I could pull off financially. The passion for cars was always there though and it didn't matter what I was doing during the day, I was always doing car stuff in my free time."

The foray into automotive design proper came via creating vector illustrations.

"It all began because I wanted a couple pieces to hang in my office at work. I made a couple, then some more, and it kind of spiraled out of control. The term "render" is thrown around a lot and it's something that is used by both 2D illustrators and 3D cgi artists. I saw some 3D work and was in love. I already had a very good skillset of 3D because of my day job, so it wasn't much of a stretch to jump into cgi rendering."


Like any artist worth their salt, Glen looks to various mediums for inspiration. Art, architecture, product design, furniture, watches, old movies, music, and random everyday occurrences all motivate.

“As the cliche' term "Good artists copy, great artists steal" implies, it's important that you do not design in a vaccum. You look at what people are doing, what they're creating. Use these as a starting point then make it their own.”

Naturally there’s one source of inspiration that usurps the lot, but what is it in particular that draws Glen?

“Porsche has had some troubled times over the years, often when they're struggling they will introduce a lower priced car that appeals to the masses. Think the 914, 924, Cayenne.,” explains Glen.


“At their core they are and have always been a sporting car company though and that seeps through everything they do. So a high end sporting car company with a few low priced options sprinkled through their history, pair that with the remarkable racing pedigree. What's not to love?"

The 000 venture came about via Glen’s '71 Porsche 914.

“I pulled (it) from a garage in Minneapolis, where it had been sitting since the early 90's. It was a project, and continues to be. Part of the project was engaging in an online forum called 914World where I would often post some of my 914 specific artwork and renderings. One of the editors of 000 Magazine, Pete Stout, is also a 914 owner and lover, saw my work on 914World and stashed it away in the back of his mind. He thought it was cool but didn't know how it would fit with 000."

At the time the magazine had a section called ‘Build’ where Pete Stout and colleague Alex Palevsky worked with artist Steve Anderson to develop a ‘what-if’ car with no restraints, each issue focusing on a different Porsche model.

“Tragically, Steve passed away only 5 issues in leaving a gaping hole in the automotive artwork community. Pete reached out to me to start the conversation, neither of us wanted to do it just as Steve did it, it just wouldn't be right. But with the ability to do a lot of this stuff in 3D it could keep the spirit of "Build" but move in another direction. My first issue was #007, and as luck would have it the hero car we chose was the 914.”

Such is Glen’s love for the 914 he’s now actively involved in taking it into new dimensions. Part of the Viceroy 914 project, championed by Sung Kang (best known for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise) is a run of 10 ‘resto-mod’ 914's, inspired by the likes of Singer’s and RWB’s 911's.

The Viceroy 914's will have powerful flat-6 motors, carbon fibre bodywork, high end wheel/brake/suspension packages, purpose built interior appointments, "And a whole lot of tricks up our sleeve. Active aero anyone?”
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Glen's muse continues to inspire
What adds an extra edge to the vision is that these cars will not just be about style. “These will be track tested cars, not just show queens. And our entire design philosophy is to honor the 914 and it's heritage, along with Porsche motorsport heritage where we may be pulling design cues from vintage racers like the 917 or 936 and making them our own. Where the Viceroy 914 departs from the restomod herd is in the aftermarket."

"Once the 10 cars are done, seperate components of the car will be available piece-meal to enthusiasts. So if someone really likes our wheel/tire/brake setup but doesn't like the bodywork they can get that, or if they only want the bumpers, or just the seats. The Viceroy 914 is about a legacy, less so about money or building hundreds of them. We want to make something cool and share it with the world.”

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Most memorable road trip?
My wife and I (we didn't have a kid at the time) did a southwest roadtrip a few years back. We had purchased our first NEW car, a 2014 VW Jetta SE manual. We drove from Minnesota down through Kansas, Colorado, hit the 4-corners, then north through Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, and home. We saw the sunrise over the Grand Canyon, took a ride on the Durango narrow gauge railroad, drove through Monument Valley, and the best part of the whole trip was avoiding Nebraska.

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The alphabet roads near the MN/WI border. Named that because they are all county roads like "AA" or "BB"

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Probably something along the Mediteranian, South of France or Italy. I've never been but the movies make it look so stunning.

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991.2 GT3 Touring in Oak Gren with brown leather

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There are very, very few people I'd want with me. I'm an introvert naturally so I'd either want my wife or be completely alone to enjoy the experience.
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