VIDEO: Back to the Future

VIDEO: Back to the Future

Lee Sibley A.K.A That Nine Eleven Guy gets exclusive access to Porsche’s legendary Panamericana concept car

Porsche’s Panamericana concept has long remained an enigma to Porsche enthusiasts. Part Beach Buggy, part portal to the future, the lesser-spotted Panamericana concept has confounded and engaged in equal measure for decades.

This one-off creation was presented to Ferry Porsche for his 80th birthday in 1989 and included various styling cues that would influence the company during what was a tumultuous time for the marque.


However, little is truly known about the Panamericana in the real world. That is, until now. Lee Sibley A.K.A YouTube’s ‘That Nine Eleven Guy’ has negotiated exclusive access to this rarest of concept cars, kicking off a new series covering Porsche’s special vehicles.

“It’s important that stories of such significant Porsche projects are told – they are, after all, what has shaped the ethos of the manufacturer we know and admire,” says Lee.


“As a journalist dedicated to the workings of Porsche, it’s simply my role to ensure these stories are told to those who wish to hear them. The Panamericana video is the first in a miniseries of special cars that I was given rare access to at Zuffenhausen – enthusiasts can see each video as it lands by subscribing to my YouTube channel, That Nine Eleven Guy.

That Nine Eleven Guy goes Back to the Future with Porsche's Panamericana

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