A Matter of Taste

A Matter of Taste

Porsche’s unique use of fabrics and colour is legendary, adding to your favourite car manufacturer’s aura. However…

There are myriad facets to Porsche. That rich history allows for continual retrospective referencing ad infinitum, without losing credibility. But every now and again that referencing can venture into grey areas.

Seating fabric is one of those timeless facets that’s indelible in the company’s timeline. Many enthusiasts could tell you the pattern that adorned the first Porsche they inspected at close quarters.

Complimenting this sensory element is Porsche’s legendary colour palette, whether it’s your classic black, Carrera white or Speed Yellow, their impact is indelible…or something like that.


So when Porsche announced they were resurrecting two historical favourites as part of their Heritage Design strategy, Style for Miles was naturally thrilled, particularly as both passed its stringent cool test with flying, erm…

Corduroy, ‘a softly rigid fabric’ according to Porsche, has already been used to trim the seat centre panels of the Porsche 356 from 1952 onwards, and ‘represented the spirit of the times and the fashion of the decade,’ again, Porsche’s words.

But what also makes it ace is that it’s not ostentatious, more a fabric of the people – individual yet classless. And therefore, we applaud!

Complimenting this is the now available again Cherry Metallic Red hue. Back in the day the Porsche 356 colours were called Pascha Red, Ruby Red and Polyantha Red. On the early 911 models, the colour was known as Burgundy Red.

‘Just like the corduroy fabric, the colour red has been modified and adapted to modern times. Intense and in high quality, Cherry Metallic creates a harmonious impression in combination with the silver Targa bar and the gold-coloured logo,’ says Porsche. And we agree, because these combined elements create a wonderful image that can only be Porsche.

However, while we applaud this latest version of the Targa, officially known as the 4S Heritage Design Edition - engineered roof removal overload not withstanding - did Porsche really have to go overboard with a visit to Halfords for its spurs and start number decals positioned tastefully on the front wings and doors respectively?

Granted, they may be referencing Porsche’s early days of motorsport, however Style for Miles feels that sometimes that rich history should remain just that.

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