Message in the Throttle - Part 5

Message in the Throttle - Part 5

It’s now the back end of the 90s and Porsche has given itself a full makeover - both in product and advertising

It’s all change at Porsche as the 90s comes to a close. Out goes the 911 as we know it, and with it air-cooled technology - thanks to more stringent emissions regulations - and in comes the striking ‘fried egg’ design.

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It's always quiet in the eye of the hurricane. The 911 Turbo.
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At 30 I wanted to be Head of Department. At 35 I wanted to have my first Million. At 40 I wanted to buy the company. Now I just want to get there two tenths faster. The new 911 GT3.

Being that Porsche was modernising in every way, bringing in costs savings  that saw the Boxster and 911 share numerous parts, producing the ‘family look’, it’s no surprise that the advertising message reflected this new dawn.

Switching from the dramatic bombast and witty headlines that were a Porsche staple, there’s a clean, fresh approach to the advertising that’s noticeably striped back and confident in tone.

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For most headwind is resistance. For you it is morning air. The new 911 Carrera 4 Models

Wording is also reduced and intelligent in tone, further communicating the idea that Porsche has rebooted for the millennium.

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