Message in the Throttle - Part 4

Message in the Throttle - Part 4

It’s just a brief, but significant, stop-off for the latest chapter in a review of Porsche’s advertising history

The early 90s were arguably the cruellest period for Porsche, thanks to the international financial crisis (sound familiar?).

Sales were down across the board, from the heady heights of the mid-80s to just a few thousand in Europe and the vital American market, with significant staff redundancies adding to the trauma.

With it’s very existence in doubt and a product range looking a little tired as the Japanese continued to advance – the newly launched 968 being essentially a 944 S3 and the 964 only labelled as ‘competent’ – Porsche was up against it.

But it’s advertising had the right idea, coming out the traps fighting. Punchy, graphic and bold: it combined Porsche’s rich history with attention grabbing statements.

And with no expenses spared at Style for Miles, we’ve employed our top German translator (thanks Barbara!) to give an accurate interpretation.

* Main ad - "For over 100 years cars made you independent. This car makes you dependent."

"You can breakfast longer. You are back for dinner earlier. Is there a better family car?"
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"Holy Sheet Metal" or "Holy Shit* * More in a sense of 'Boy oh Boy!' (Barbara)
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"The new 911. Strength of character up to 6 gears."
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