Hip-Hop Hooray!

Hip-Hop Hooray!

The history of Europe’s hip-hop culture is brought to you via Porsche’s Cayenne Turbo S and key players in the game

From the moment Style for Miles heard the Whodini track ‘Mr Magic’s Wand’ back in 1983 the hip-hop hook was in. This led to break-dancing on a roll of lino bought by dad and ruining records on turntables, and even a visit to the South Bronx in New York, to see the spot where DJ Kool Herc held the original block parties.

So when Porsche decided to trace the routes of the culture in Europe, via a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, it was only right Style for Miles obliges with sharing this landmark documentary. So dust off those Shell-Toes, slip on the goose-down and doff that Kangol, as  Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London and Paris are visited to interview key players on a road trip that explores the roots of urban youth culture across borders and language barriers.

Porsche presents hip-hop documentary Back 2 Tape

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