The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others

A premium automotive title from Australia has hit the UK, focusing not just on cool cars, but their owners and the stories behind them

Certain cars write their own story, such is the status they carry, whether it's via a cult following or their exotic nature. But once that story is told, where next?

If you’ve ever owned such a car you’ll no doubt have a story to tell on just how it ended in your possession...and who you had to kill in the process.

So allow Style for Miles to introduce Retromotive magazine.

Recently arriving on our shores from Australia, it takes the refreshing approach of doing just that, identifying individual owners with a story to tell or engaging background, celebrating those individual relationships between (wo)man and machine.

Behind this inspired idea is automotive photographer Nathan Duff, who initially started Retromotive as a side project online.

“I wanted somewhere that allowed me to cover the people and cars in Australia. When I started up the website I also worked full-time, mainly on the commercial photography side, so this was very much a creative outlet for me, explains Nathan.

“Ultimately, it was about having my own thing that would allow me to pursue a more creative angle.”


Initially, Nathan would shoot the features and a friend would write them up, however he bowed out after finding another (paid) gig so Nathan had to step up to the journalistic plate, however, that didn’t detract from his creative vision.

“Many independent magazines are started by journalists, few by photographers, which in turn puts more of an emphasis on the literary side. I felt there was a gap in the Australian market for a quality, well produced magazine that put stunning imagery at the forefront,” says Nathan.

“I also made it a point of difference to base the narrative of Retromotive around the stories and the history of a specific car and its owner.

If I do something on the Porsche 356 for example, I can’t tell you anything new about it. But i can tell you about the person who owns it and their experience with it, which will be unique.

I guess that’s the point of difference with Retromotive.”


Published quarterly, Issue 5 of Retromotive is available to order now via their website -

+44(0)7809 438650