Porsche Paradise Island

Porsche Paradise Island

Head North in your Porsche to the Baltic Sea for a unique motoring proposition

Style for Miles’ mission to bring you all that’s great in the driving world delivers its first race circuit, and what a beauty it is! Located on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, just off mainland Sweden, it’s billed as a mini Nürburgring Nordschleife, hence Gotland Ring.

Reached via a three hour fast ferry connection from the Swedish east cost mainland, the idyllic island is also a popular summer destination for upwardly mobile Swedes, with the capital Visby, featuring a 4km medieval wall, UNESCO protected.

There are also beautiful golden sand dunes and beaches, turquoise waters, hidden lagoons, cliff hangers, pebble shorelines, and exotic limestone formations dotted around the 800 km coastline.

The celebrated island also provides an alluring combination of gastronomy, culture, and lifestyle distractions. Golf (if you can be bothered), tennis, water sports and horseback riding are among the attractions available. But back to the main event…

Race Circuit

Though relatively unknown on the international stage, and therefore quite the find, Gotland Ring claims to be the world’s first sustainable race and test circuit. Built in a former limestone quarry area, energy is provided via sustainable sources (wind and solar), while recycled materials dominate the construction - all stone materials have been sourced at site.

The circuit currently comes in at of 3.2 km - an expansion to 7.4 km is on the cards – and sports over 120 track days a year, however, unlike the Nürburgring, cars and motorcycles run separate sessions.

There’s also driver training on offer, from beginner to expert. Alec Arho-Havrén, circuit founder and architect, and international formula and touring car race winner, provides track walks and first-class coaching, transfering his knowledage and insight. Porsche GT3s and GT4s are also available as part of the Sports Car Experience package.

“By far, the most commonly driven car on GotlandRing is Porsche. Various Porsche Clubs from different countries visit the track on a yearly basis,” says Alec.

”However, to get the most out of your driving experience visit one of our 100+ trackdays (see the online calendar). That way, you maximise your driving time and driving pleasure as many of the various Porsche Club days are heavily subscribed.”


Style Need to Know

  • 800 km long coastline
  • 2000 square miles (3200 km2) with just 58 000 inhabitants
  • Gotland is known for the world’s largest Viking treasures and the UNESCO protected idyllic capital, Visby
  • Gotland ranks highest for sun hours in all of the Nordic region; don’t miss the beautiful light summer nights of the region
  • GotlandRing attracts numerous celebrities including Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the national Swedish football team who enjoyed visited numerous times
  • The Sunday Times previously nominated Kallis in Visby as the best beach party in Europe

And if you’re going to pay a visit, the picturesque island delivers on the gastronmic front. Try Prima Gård (close to GotlandRing) and Stora Gåsemora on Fårö (7 min free ferry trip from the main island). In Visby, visit Bakfickan for sea food, Bolaget and Gamla Masters.

There are also numerous boutique hotels available to relax in after a hard day of self-induced g-forces including Fabriken Furillen, Fästningen, Stora Gåsemora and Djupvik, or rent a cosy cabin. With such a wide variety of entertainment and thrills it’s no wonder Gotland Ring makes into Style for Miles’ Driving list.

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