Highland Fling

Highland Fling

Curves magazine creator and Porsche enthusiast extraordinaire Stefan Bogner discusses documenting the world’s finest driving roads - starting with Scotland.

While roads came first, Porsche’s later arrival allowed the more attractive propositions to become not just a means of getting from A to B, but a facilitator of seriously memorable moments of driving joy.

So to get an inside track on the finest routes around the world Style for Miles, in the first of a new series, spoke to the king of road capturing Stefan Bogner, who’s published definitive guides on the subject.

We begin our journey by heading across the border.

What inspired you to cover Scotland?

It’s always been on my list. It’s a magical country with great history, stories and a unique character. And also somewhat unfavourable weather, which I like!

The attraction actually comes from various influences. As a kid seeing movies, such as Highlander, which were filmed in Scotland, then later drinking whiskey, which helped create the allure. I also had various friends who’d said it’s a must for both driving and hiking.

How much did you know about the roads before you worked on the book?

To be honest I didn’t know much. Friends, online research and social media helped in the initial process. I always buy detailed maps - if you know how to read them it's pretty easy.

Locals told me to go in October, which turned out to be great and the weather was perfect! All in all, I planned four months beforehand.

What was your favourite stopping point?

Killiehuntly House blew me away. I design for hotels and restaurants at my design agency - but this was amazing. What I also liked is the young food scene, the people and their individual character.

I was amazed flying over Scotland from the North to Isle of Skye. It's one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. Scenic castles and places of interest might be a must see - but I liked the inbetween the most. I would say Scotland is a combination of Iceland and the higher alps at the same time.

What bit of advice would you give readers tackling the Scottish roads?

Try to drive every little road - just go everywhere. And go early or late in the year - there’s not too many people on the road and the weather is dramatic. Take a small car and take your time, 10 days is good.

Sum up the roads of Scotland in a sentence

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